Week 31 - Semarang

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Hi Everyone,

Had an interesting week...


Elder Gil and I went to teach a man named Brother Bon Bon.  He lives in the coolest thing.   His house is like the inside of a port a potty. You walk in and it’s only a drain in the floor, but there is a door in the roof with a ladder that comes down and you climb up and his house is 4x4 up top with one light.   He as all his stuff hanging from the roof! It was so humbling but he is such a great guy!   He has over 300 scriptures memorized which is pretty cool too!  After that Gil and I proselyted.  That night I taught English class for the first time in this area and they all liked me.  We played some get to know you games! I like Semarang but it’s so HOT!

Today we went down by the ocean to proselyte.   There is a lot of cool culture down there. Saw a few little islands and fishing boats. Saw a school of jelly fish. It’s a lot cooler closer to the ocean. That evening we had district bonding time we ate dragon fruit and star fruit then played Monopoly. Which I destroyed everyone at ... ;)


We woke up at 4 am to go to Yogjakarta for ZTM (Zone Meeting).  It took 4 hours on a bus to get there one way.  Driving through the jungles and rice paddies and fields were cool though.   I bought a cool shirt for only 1 dollar and an American flag tie to match my American flag socks! 


The Zone leaders came home with us and we went on splits with the other Elders. Got  2 lessons in our area which was good! I gave out a Kitab Mormon and had a few contacts.

Zone leaders left in the morning.  I did catch a baby iguana and it bit my finger!!  But that’s about all!

It was a good day at church! We went and taught a lesson with a guy who has a monkey!  He was such a cute little guy!

Here are some pictures of a few things I ate this week...

They fry up the feet too! Mmmm

Getting some snacks and supplies to clean up the apartment!
Miss you all!  Stay safe!

Love – Elder Jones

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