Week 30 - Transfered to Semarang!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Hello again,
This was quite the hectic week! Every single day we had a lesson and got a dinner appt every night! Monday we had p day and we went bowling and that was a blast!
Tuesday we got mie ayam which was good!  I forgot to write in my journal after Wednesday because I was packing!  I started on Tuesday just so I could do a little each day, because I hate packing so much.  

Wednesday we went to a members house and ate mie and nasi, then we came home we were late to their house cause we missed the turn by a mile.

My delicious fish from last week!

Sometimes you've just got to have fun!

Flying to Semarang
Anyways, I transferred and I’m in Semarang!  It’s so hot here like 10 times more than Bogor and we’re in a bike area.   It was fun going to the airport alone and flying alone too.   When I got into the taxi in Semarang the accent of the driver was so different and hard to understand.  On the way to the mission house he got lost and I didn’t have a phone and he wouldn’t let me use his so he just kicked me out on the road!  I had to find my way to the house walking!  It was far but eventually I made it!

Sunday was pretty good too.   I like the ward a lot it’s a lot smaller but I think it’ll be good.   That night I unpacked and did weekly planning with Elder Gil.  That night power went out and it was so hot!   Monday morning we cleaned the house. 

What’s Semarang known for?  Being able to eat horse and dog.
What’s your apartment like? Dirty.  I’ll whip them into shape though.

What’s your comp like? Elder Gil ! He is a funny guy.  He’s really good a beat boxing!
How many Elder’s in your apartment? 4

In your district? 4

Where will you have zone meetings? Jogja this Thursday it’s on the whole other side of the island! But it’s so cool there.

How was church yesterday? Churchy

In your opinion, what are the purpose of transfers?  Certain people can touch someone’s heart in a way some can't, and it’s hard to meet them all in one town.   Also, so we can experience the culture of the whole country.
How are you feeling?  I’m drinking a lot!   

Any lasting effects of the kidney stones? Still sore, I’ve got a check-up soon.
Is Semarang a bike area? With hills!

Did you fly alone? Yes, it was great !
Did anyone ask you about being a missionary?  I didn’t wear missionary clothes on my transfer.   You wear a batik shirt and that’s all cause of possible dangerous extremists.

How far is it from Bogor? 12ish hours
What are your plans for P- day? Play Monopoly.
What’s the missionary work like in Semarang?  Its slow,  but not as slow as Bogor.
Thanks for the prayers and e-mails!  Love you guys!
Love, Elder Jones

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  1. I love your e-mails. You certainly have more mishaps than any elder I know. I know the Lord is proud of you and watching over you. Your dad is a wonderful bishop and we love him; in fact we love your whole family. Sis McKaskle