Week 9 - Bogor

Monday, March 17, 2014

WEEK 9 – March 17, 2014

I haven't been dry since I’ve gotten here... either dripping sweat or rain I feel like I’m going to grow mold! Way different climate than I’m use to in Arizona. We don't have a dryer for our clothes and we’re supposed to hang them up but the air is so wet that they don't dry.

I wake up and I have the hope for my favorite time of day which is.... around 4:00 pm and it becomes windy and rainy but a light rain and it becomes like a cold 75 degrees and were on our way to a good lesson ... Or when we finish a great lesson and that’s the weather... I love this certain place in the city where it overlooks the whole city... It looks like a picture out of a movie.... I get up and hope that that day is the day I’m able to testify to an investigator in Indonesian and they feel the truth.

I found the Ford dealer in Jakarta and Bogor... I'm going to go in and take a look... I’ll take some pics for you... the models here that are big is the fiesta and the Everest and the Ranger... all the car dealers here have like 4 story buildings as their dealership and all cars are inside which is pretty cool. I’ve seen a lot of big companies here like Goodyear and a bunch of manufacturers... I bet after college I could get a pretty good job here if there wasn't room for me at the dealership :)

The food we looked up online before I left... well they have that here but only people with money get to eat
it. We only eat street food which doesn't get refrigerated ... the chicken and fish sits out for days as well as
everything else. They don't sell veggies on the street that I’ve found yet, only in the store which is pricey. They have hard boiled eggs that are soaked in vinegar and chili sauce which isn't too tasty... they have krill (the little fish minnows) that are dried out then soaked in that sauce again which was weird at first but alright now. They also have tiny diced fried and soaked chunks of random animal fat but that's not too bad. I ate a chickens head as well weird huh? We eat dinner and lunch and breakfast with our hands at houses because silverware is too expensive. Occasionally we get a spoon ha-ha!

God is definitely watching out for his missionary's though which is comforting. Seeing things and doing things no kid my age in America will probably have to ever do is tough. This mission is so much different from any mission I’ve heard of.

If you’re wondering what you should read in the scriptures Read (3 Nephi 17)... That's what I'm reading right now and it’s great. Try and read the whole New and Old Testament! As well as the Book of Mormon again. My morning personal study is 1 hour of Book of Mormon then in the evening, for nightly study I read the Bible.

So Monday after I emailed last week, we went home and we packed and slept cause we were so tired. Tuesday we had a Zone training meeting in Jakarta at 10 am We had to get up at 5 to make it on time and we rode the train and holy cow there was sooooo many people like maybe 300 people in one train cart... it was so hot and when the train would slow down everyone would squish forward cause it was slowing down and the people at the front would yell cause they were getting crushed?! freaking insane ... anyways once we got there I got a Slurpee from the only 7/11 and it was great :) after the meeting we went to eat then went home on the train and the way home wasn't that packed thank goodness . I pretty much miss the little town of Wickenburg ha-ha I’m not use to a place that has so many people yet ... Wednesday we moved all day and we had the clean the old house. The new house is closer and better though! It took forever to get settled in but now we are and I like it.

Friday night we taught a Sister F. We have been teaching her for a while and Friday night I asked her if she
wants to be baptized and she said yes!! How awesome right!! So her baptism date is the 28th or 29th!! My
comp and I are pretty excited! Hopefully everything follows through!!

Saturday Jeeez It rained all day and I’m the only one who loves it ha-ha Except being wet when I have to walk around! I accidently slept in late on Saturday and it set my day off on the wrong start but everything got better thankfully!! Except I did my laundry and hung it up outside on our line ... well it rained and they are soaked again oh well ... I tried my first guava!! It was pretty dang good!! I wish the fruit here was in America too. It’s so good!

So anyways this week I ran out of money and the past two days I only ate rice and water and I had a thing of ramen... until we had an appointment last night and the family gave us some food!

Questions we asked Tyler:

How are you going to play your music on the USB stick? yeah we have a speaker we plug it in.
Do you have the little speaker I sent you? yes thank you :)
How do you get around? We walk or ride angkots.
What town is your district leader in? Bogor... there are only us 4 elders in our district.

Do you have weekly district meetings? Every Tuesday.
How often do you have zone meetings? Once a month first Tuesday of month.
Where are zone meetings held? In Jakarta chapel
Do they have a McDonald's there? Have you tried it? Yes and yes it’s pretty good but way more expensive.
Where do you usually eat your meals? On the street off these little carts that look like this.

Have you ever eaten with the members? Yes I did last night we had rice and deep fried idk what and we ate the inside of some tree and we ate minnows
Have you heard about the airplane that went missing? Yeah I heard about that ... it’s hard to read the newspaper!

What crazy thing did you eat this week? Minnows, intestines, trees!
Do you like your new apartment? Yes its nicer... bucket showers still.
Amanda really wants to know when/if you're getting a monkey? I have to go to Surabaya or Solo for monkeys ... they aren’t in Bogor.
Do you miss kitty? (She misses you) yes because all the cats here are mean, so keep kitty safe.


Love you talk to you soon. - Elder Jones

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