Week 7 - Jakarta and Bogor

Monday, March 3, 2014

Arriving at the airport in Jakarta
Hello!!! The plane ride was waaayyy long too ... It’s weird being ahead 14 hours!!
 I made it here alive surprisingly!  I live straight up in the jungle!!  I’m just gonna tell you what pops in my head ...
Touring around Jakarta as we first arrived

 Sooo today I was on a bus and I sat by a guy with a guitar !!   I knew how to play what they were singing and playing SO I played for them and they sang and made money on the bus!! How funny right? They sell guitars all over here ;)  $15 I may or may not have bought one ....

Yup!  That's the toilet...
I have cold water bucket showers every morning and night ha-ha it's  ... well it builds character!

Street food that probably got me sick :(

OHH here’s a story... So once I got here everyone went straight to the street food ... Long story short I got food poisoning soooo bad I had to go to the hospital... I was puking up blood and straight up water stools and brown pee... I was literally dying... So I called president and he was said go to the hospital ASAP!  It was  9:30 at night and we live up in the jungle forest and it’s hard enough to get there in general ... plus that night it was POURRRING like I’ve never seen before .  Anyways bishop came but traffic was so bad we didn’t get to the hospital until 11 p.m. not to mention it was a sketchy hospital... like if you think Mexico is bad?? No,  not compared to this one... long story short I puked and had the runs and headache for the next few days the doc gave me some medicine he said I got bad virus ??  The doc was only 35 dollars ha-ha cheap! (this was Saturday night ) so they told  me to sleep all day Sunday so I did.   I’ve lost 10 pounds since I’ve been here .  Eating rice all day!

 Oh we ran out of water right ? lol well I didn’t know how to brush my teeth so I did it with coke :) yeah wasn’t too bad . I made oatmeal with boiled strawberry soda !! Now that was good though!!We ride things called oncoats (angkoats) with sweaty stinky people jam packed ha-ha but it’s all good.  We have helped a lot of people since being here!! Everyone smokes here!! I could qualify as a pack a day smoker with all the second hand smoke here!! Ha-ha they smoke in buildings in busses in stores.  well it’s raining again :) I love it!! And I love it here the people are so humble and so great!! Always smiling... you don’t have to have things to be happy... just a positive outlook.
"Two men behind bars one stares at the mud the other looks up at the stars"  I like that quote !
Eating Lunch

Service 4 flood victims @ church

Oh and after that note! I got pick pocketed today and my camera was stolen :( sooo Idk what to do about that .. No  more pics I guess ;(  The internet here is very on and off .. Sometimes it works other times... not so much!  The power shorted out so I’m having to retype my email -__- I’d say more but I’m outta time :(

Oh can you send me all music on a usb stick? efy music church music even radio mellow music!! Please? We can listen to it!! But I don’t have any ;(
Bye!!! Talk to you soon :)

-Elder Jones
Questions we asked Tyler:

How long did you stay in the mission home?  Only one night then I was transferred to Jakarta temporarily until I got my visa (kita)

Did Elder Wills and Peterson arrive about the same time you did? Yes they got here an hour later

What was your initial reaction to first being there? I walked off the plane and it was like a wave of hot water in my face lol

Can you understand the language somewhat? Ha yeah everyone says I’m pretty dang good for just getting here!
Who is your companion? My comp is ELDER HASIBUAN from Indonesia!! Doesn’t speak a lick of English lol
Where are you assigned? I’m assigned to the good old town of Bogor!!! How funny! You said (while sitting in the office) "I hope you go to Bogor first! ... The volcano in our town just got deemed dangerously active ... cool huh!!

Did they tell you how long you’ll be there? I’ll be here a solid 6 months

Do you like the food? I like the food but my body doesn’t... makes me sick

Who are you teaching? Idk all their names yet

Do you have jet lag? nahhh I’m good

Did you meet Elder Heiner or Sister Sperry yet? Yes me and Heiner talked a lot he’s in my zone ... I also talked to Sperry a lot too

Are you dying of the heat? I’m dying of sweat

Was the picture of the mattresses your apartment? Yes... nasty huh?

What’s your apartment like? Ummmmmm

Where did Davies go? Medan

Where did Wills go? Surbaya

Was everyone excited to get new missionaries? yes we're popular hha   

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