Week 8 - I'm still Alive!

Monday, March 10, 2014

I’ve come to find out that Indonesia is almost like Europe regarding church work... very lucky if you get at least 2 baptisms over your 2 years ... it’s very hard work here as well as hard outside conditions.

So last Tuesday I gave out my first book of Mormon to a lady on the bus that my comp was talking to and anyway I thought I heard her say I'm interested in your book and your church my family could use help ! So I jumped right in and gave her a book of Mormon and a pamphlet for the plan of salvation! But when I gave them to her she just looked at me weird ...turns out she said I’m not interested in your book or your church and my family doesn't need your help... awkward lol
We are teaching a lady named Ibu Inging which is going pretty good! She lives in a little house by the river it’s awesome! As soon as I get my camera I will take `1000000 pics!!
So that same day I was with my companion on the street eating rice, when some guys were like “hey come try some sate” ... so I’m like "When in Rome" and I go eat it! It was pretty good until I found out it was chicken intestines... the lesson I learned is never ask what something is!  If it tastes good, that’s enough!
Traffic here is insane like New York has nothing on them here!! And dang there are so many Muslim people here! There are places called red zones in our mission... and it means a well-populated Muslim extremist area and its very dangerous for us to go there .. Strictly off limits!
I was asked to introduce myself this Sunday in front of everyone in sacrament ... It was pretty rough and a blow to my confidence ha-ha but it’s still all good.

I got a haircut Saturday and it was great!! They do an awesome job! It was only a dollar and I got a back massage! And they give you a scalp massage then pop your neck ha-ha it was scary at first but felt nice :) I wish I could just go explore the jungle today!   I caught a huge gecko on the wall Wednesday in the rain!!

Questions we asked Tyler:

So how strict are they on your computer time? The computers shut off after an hour.
Where do you email us from?  Library? Internet café? They are called warnets little room filled with old computers.
How did you run out of water? All we have is a 1 gallon jug hah like the blue water things.
Tell me about the ward? The ward is about 70 active members who are strong! Bogor has a great ward!
What other missionaries are close to you? None we’re all alone out here!
Do you see them often? Nope.
What are your plans for p-day? We’re packing our house because were moving closer to town because we are so far out of town... we move Wednesday
Are you over your food poisoning? Ha-ha... nope!
How long has your companion been out? He goes home in May.
What do you do on your p days? Last p day I UN packed... this p-day I pack!
How’s your apartment? The new one’s nicer!
Does it ever stop raining? Yeah 11-3 it usually doesn’t rain .
What’s the coolest thing you’ve seen so far? Like 60 people packed into an angkot and on top of it driving!! Ha-ha
I saw a man with no legs on the street begging for money and he fell off the curb into the street and just couldn’t get up so many people just drove by but one man got over to him and picked him up and gave him money and sat him down ..The man with no legs was crying. Because he was so grateful that someone helped him... shoot I was getting teary eyed myself... people have it so hard here!
How is the language? It’s going good...I can’t complain... I met a guy who spoke Spanish so we talked in broken Spanish which was awesome!!!!
What’s a typical day like? We wake up and everyone is grumpy for 5 min then we have Morning Prayer then we are good and we study till 11am then go eat off the street and then proselyte or service or lessons until 9:30 p.m. then we come home and do what we got to do to get to bed by 10:30.
Are you writing in your journal? Yes I’m really trying I promise.
How often do you get mail? I haven’t even seen any yet so please tell everyone to write me!
Have you had anything else stolen? If so it wasn’t important enough for me to notice ha-ha.
How’s that volcano by you? It’s an old one but it’s at stage 2 and stage 1 means evacuate town I guess .
I miss home I love you guys!!! Bye :)
Elder Jones

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