Week 11 - Bogor

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Apa Kabar (How are you?) 

I'll start from last Monday.  P-Day Was awesome!  We went to this place (taman mini Indonesia indah).  It is an Indonesian park and has all the cultural cool places and buildings in the park.  So I basically I saw all of Indonesia in one day!  The park was empty,  but on the way there we had to take a tour bus except it was very way old,  (oh look there is a kitten that just walked into the internet cafe and jumped on my lap !  A cute little guy!)
DANG!!!   I scratch this kittens head once and now it won’t leave me alone.   It’s jumping all over me and my key board and sitting on the computer.  Too bad I can’t teach this little guy my message!
Anyway,  on the bus I bought some gorengan,  it means fried things.   The beauty of it is, it’s cold and you have no idea what it is you're about to eat.  It’s always a surprise!  At least until you can fully understand what they tell you it is, and that's not me yet!

 Once we  got to the park we just did what anyone would do, looking around and what not.  Then our friend Danny showed up and he’s got a car thank heavens.   So, we left the park and he asked us what we wanted to do.  He speaks perfect English because he went to  BYU Hawaii and we met him in the ward.   I said,  let’s go somewhere crazy ... so we went off to this little mountain village a few hours away and we hiked up into the jungle to these awesome waterfalls !!  We explored them all around them.   It was really high up so the whole mountain was foggy and misty and raining and COLD like 60 degrees,  which is  amazing when it’s usually 90 degrees.  Then he told us about this pond with fish, little fish that eat the dead skin off your body, so we wanted to try it.   It was weird and crazy!   You stick your feet in the water and about 60 fish come up and start eating your feet! After that we went to the "best nasi goreng" in town (fried rice)  It was pretty good!   After that we went to get roti something.  I forgot but it translates to burnt bread.  Anyways it was great I got  chocolate banana cheese milk bread (they all had cheese) anyways it was awesome and tasted so good!  It had been raining all day (thought I'd add that  :) lol   Then we went home and went to bed!
Tuesday- Pretty normal day ... normal morning routine and then Hasibuan and I went out proselyting . No luck with anything, but still trying . (slalu coba)  try always!

Wednesday -I went on my monthly split with Mendrofa. We went way out of town to go visit a new member and  he wasn't home. Then we went and visited a few non active members then we went proselyting.  It was a cool day cause there was the thickest blanket of fog over the whole town the whole day ! Well we weren't having any luck so we decided to walk through some little villages or something.  Idk what you would call them and I played a little bit of fut-sol with some kids about 11 or 12 years old and they owned me!  So we invited them to English class. Then on our way home we just sat at the bus stop and would talk to whoever would sit by us .... so here I am sitting alone at a bus stop cause Mendrofa is on the other side and a group of teenager guys come and I heard one say "look a white guy!" (but in Indonesian).  They sit by me and are saying,  "I wonder if he understands me"? and I was like "ya saya mengerti kalian".   You should of seen the looks on their face! So I asked what they were doing and what's up?  We talked for an hour!  Turns out they are all Muslim but want to come to our English class!  I also learned some Arabic from one of them so that was cool.  Then we went home and we decided to walk instead of the bus.   It was 6 miles!  Good little work out.
Thursday We have an investigator she's a Muslim girl who started coming to our English class and now is taking the lessons! We had a lesson with her today and she came to church last Sunday.   A lot of new people showed up too! I've been passing out cards like crazy!
This little kitten is still hanging out with me !  Except it's sleepin in my shoe now (we have to take our shoes off) I wish I had my camera!

Anyways yeah English class was good Thursday.
Friday- Got sick again bad-_- so me and my comp just studied all day and the other Elders did  as well because of how hard it was raining. 

Saturday & Sunday - I was just was a missionary, nothing new or strange.  Pretty normal .  Sorry no pictures!  I'm working on the camera thing.  Thank you for all of your prayers, love and support.  They really do help me!
Love you all - Elder Jones

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