Week 1

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Hey Guys!

Well, here I am at the Missionary Training Center!   My companion is Elder Davies.  He is from England and has a very thick accent.  It’s pretty funny and cool.  I’m honestly getting a British accent from being with him.  The new Elders I meet, ask if I’m British as well!  There are 4 Sisters and 7 Elders in my group.  I miss the way Brother Bennett teaches Spanish.  He does it well!  My schedule is jam packed.  We learn with the Malay missionaries and also the Malagasy (Madagascar) we all speak the same sort of thing.  My teachers are pretty cool!

So, I saw Troy Christensen the first day and we got to be with each other for the whole day.  That was nice to have a familiar face.  I’ve never been so tired in my life though…the MTC really poops you out.  I have been the best companion I could be….we get along well, anytime we disagree I remind him about 1776 :) .  Some guys are going to Armenia and Georgia and Greece.  They are here in the MTC for 9 weeks!

How are things at home?  I really feel like I haven’t seen you all in 2 years already! Lol

I know the church is true and that this is where I’m supposed to be.  I love a lot about it already!  I love you all so much, I love who I am (being a missionary) and what I’m doing.

Selmat Tingal!

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