Week 90 - My week in South Jakarta

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Ice Skating for P-Day

This week was full of ups and downs ... I got called an anti-Christ 2 times this week so that made me a little sad.  The first time this random guy comes into English class and sits down all normal he’s maybe 40 and then he starts asking about the Book of Mormon and then he starts bashing us out of nowhere and ripping into us and we don’t even know this guy? And then he goes on to call us the anti-Christ’s of Indonesia and then he storms out of the room and were just like "what the heck happened"? 
Our baptism didn’t quite happen yesterday because he has been so busy. But I think he is struggling just a bit about learning and what not ... baptism is a big commitment.

Although we had a few let downs this week we have been teaching this new guy and I feel like he’s golden.  He is a really good guy and he is on the second lesson and is just eating it up he loves it! Because we can answer all the questions that no one can answer for him so that made us feel really good :) I got to watch the first priesthood talk on line with a member and that was awesome! I loved it!
I had something happen that bugged me and has been on my mind.  We were in a lesson with a good investigator and I was testifying with all my heart to this man.  The Holy Ghost was so strong in the room and I invited him to be baptised and  explained how much his Savior loved him wanted him His church.  As I was bearing my testimony to him it made me start to cry a little bit because I felt the Spirit so strong. 

After I was done he says, "Elder Jones, do you know why you were crying"? and I said, "yes,
because I could feel how much your Father in Heaven loves you" .. and he says, "no its because while you were testifying I was praying to God that he would protect me from the evil teaching of false things and you were crying because God was telling you to stop what you’re doing" .
I was dumbfounded!  But I did what all good missionaries would do, and made another appointment with him!  I will really be praying for him this week!  The devil is so strong and wants to lead us astray and away from Christ!  We all have to be very diligent to keep the Holy Ghost with us at all times so we can know right from wrong. 
I love you all!  Have a great week.
Elder Jones

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