Week 43 - Transfered to North Jakarta!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Hello Everyone,
It's a new week and lots has happened! 
Monday (P-day)
Today was awesome! We went to some ancient Hindu temples that are on an active volcano.  There were volcanic vents where the steam was pouring out.  It was so freaking awesome! I’ll let the pictures talk for me! We then had to hitch hike our way back to town because there were no more buses. So we rented out a truck for $2.50  a person and went home in the back of a truck bed! It was fun!! 

You can see the steam coming from the volcano
View from the top!
Gedong Songo is a Hindu temple located in Central Java, Indonesia. The site was originally built during early period of Medang Kingdom which controlled Central Java during the 8th and 9th centuries. Similar to Dieng Plateau, Gedong Songo was erected out of volcanic stone and the two complexes represent the oldest Hindu structures in Java.

Elder Chou and Elder Jones
For lunch we had rabbit
Packing and English class.  I hate packing.... but English was good! Got a few gifts from the awesome English class!  Glad to know that I'll be missed! 

Packing and finishing everything up! Printed out my plane ticket and came home cleaned and did washing then made mango smoothies! It was good :) 

Got up early and left Semarang! 
Semarang airport

View of Jakarta

Volcano I can't remember the name of....

Friday Saturday
Met my comp! He is such a good guy and so funny! Plus he is just out of the MTC! So I get to teach him everything! We’re going to do great. We went out to work.  It takes an hour everyday by bus to get to our area and we got way lost the first day and got home late, but it's going to be great.

Church was good! I got a text from a member in Bogor who was in the hospital and wanted the sacrament so I took that after church and got to see a lot of old faces which was nice. 

Questions for Tyler:
How’s living at the mission home?  The mission home is nice. We live out back in an apartment and it's just 4 Elders.  HOT SHOWERS AND A DRYER!!! I DONT HAVE TO HANG MY CLOTHES TO DRY!

What is your new area?  North Jakarta (Jakarta Uttara) Google Grogel and Ancol and Monas and you’ll see my area.  Right now I live with the AP's (Assistants to the President).  We're the 2nd AP's for a month!  

How was your transfer from Semarang? Good! The flight was a bit bumpy but overall it was good.

What is that creature that you’re standing by in the costume? I have no idea

What is that super tall tower in Jakarta? It’s called Monas

Who is your companion? Elder Prayitno

Where is he from? Jogjakarta 

Are you on splits with other missionaries? No I got my comp and were living at the mission home

Did you get the oil vial? Yes thank you tons!

What is the name of the volcano that you went to visit? I forgot sorry 

Understand your Christmas package instructions? YES ha-ha

Did you get a letter from me this week? No
What’s the work like where you are going? New... hot and muggy! I’ll probably here 6 months so tell Dyrk to get over here!
Where did you go to church this week? The Jakarta Ward in Harmoni

Are there some things that we bought that you don’t need?  Jeans 

What did you think of the picture of me and Elder Chou’s mom?  That was funny! 
Randomly met Elder Chou's mom while working at the Phoenix Temple Open House!
What are your new responsibilities as a trainer and for opening a new area? Everything imaginable!
Plans for p day today? Play fut sol with the Zone then go to a place where they make fake American things; hats, clothes etc.
Where did Prayitno go for the MTC? Philippines

How long has he been a member? Whole life

Do all Indonesian missionaries go to the Philippines?  Yes, 2 weeks there

Looking forward to a great week in my new area! 

Love,  Elder Jones


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