Week 40 - Big News!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Hello Family and Friends,
Exciting news, but I'll get to that a little later on...

Tuesday I went on a split with Elder Chou and we had 5 appts scheduled! We left the house at 12:00 and by 12:22 every one of the 5 appts had called or already texted me telling me that they had to cancel so that was a bummer. It was a hard day of proselyting.  Later that night we taught English class.

Out working with Elder Chou
PLD (Zone Conference) so I had my interview with the Mission President, and the news is I’m moving to North Jakarta and I’m opening a new area next to the ocean!  I get to open and start it, which means it's an area that hasn't had missionaries before.  I'll be with my new comp who I’m training! They don’t have a house for us yet so we will live at the mission home for 2 weeks and once they get a house my comp and I will move out there.

It’s the area that floods the most in that part of the island! It rains so much that they use boats! I’m sure you’ll get some good pics once rainy season starts! How cool huh?
President Donald riding back to his hotel at Zone Conference
The bus ride to Solo


We had the zone meeting all day today.   Elder Chou asked me what the chances of him having to speak were.  I said, " well the chance of you speaking, being so new, is probably about the same chance as it raining today. "  (it hasn’t rained since I’ve gotten here)  An hour later it started raining and then President Picked Chou to give a talk! That was so funny!
I got all my trainer stuff from the mission president and then when we were taking a break, I walked down stairs at the church in Solo and there was a young guy waiting outside the Bishops' door and I started talking to him ... turns out HE IS  GOING TO BE MY NEW COMP! He’s from Solo and he was at the church then for an interview.  He goes to the MTC (in the Philippines) in a week.  He'll be there 2 weeks and then comes back to Indonesia!  Such a crazy coincidence!
We added a couple of Kitab Mormons to the book shelf :)
Today I was offered a man’s daughter (to marry) in one of the villages he just kept trying to get me to take her ... ha-ha (this happens often with the white elders) ahh this mission always has funny stuff!!  

Hello family...can you hear me?

The water is usually really blue but it was stormy that day


Elder Lister's birthday this week
Thanks for all the emails this week.  I appreciate all of them!  Everyone be safe and I'll talk to you next week.
Love, Elder Jones






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