Week 39 - Grosser than eating dog...

Monday, October 13, 2014

Hi Everyone,
This week was great and a lot of fun.  For P-day we went to Lawung Sewu and it was awesome.   The place has 1000 doors and is haunted.  We went there with the English class then after that we went to Wendy’s at the big nice mall and everyone tried frosty's for the first time ! :)


I've eaten some gnarly stuff this week.  We went to an investigators house and I had innards soup. I ate soup with goat and cow intestines and artery’s. I didn’t even know those were edible. As well as the liver, and testicles.  I can't believe the things I'm willing to eat now!

We have had a big rat running around and eating our trash. Elder Martoyo and I caught it with a bucket one night and were going to kill it!  So we had bug spray in an aerosol can and sprayed it into the bucket then when we went to light it on fire the bucket EXPLODED!   The rat didn’t die it just ran off!! Freaking crazy... then right at 10:30pm that night the  power went out until 12 am so we couldn’t sleep cause it was so dang hot so we sat outside and saw the stupid rat again!

On Sunday we watched all the sessions of conference and they were great! I loved them all!! I know the church is true and I can feel the spirit so strong when I hear the Prophet and Apostles speak by the power of God.
I also ate the spiciest nasi goreng (fried rice) ever with ghost chilies.  I couldn’t finish it.
The picture you sent of your drink looked nasty!  What exactly was that?! 
green bean soup /drink

Did you get a letter from me this week? No :( only Annie! Thank you Annie, I love the letters.

What do you having coming up this week? A big meeting in Solo for 2 days! 

Any new investigators? No :(

Coolest thing that happened? Tuesdays lunch menu lol :)
I got a call from president yesterday.  I will be a Trainer and will be moving to a new area, that’s all I know.  I’ll know more after PLD (Zone meeting).
Love you all!  Have a great week!
Elder Jones




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  1. And the fun continues. Worked in the temple with your parents and Courtney today.