Another week bites the dust….

Monday, May 5, 2014

Hello everyone,

Durian Fruit that I will never eat again!

Grocery Shopping Indonesian Style
This week I got 29 emails!  Thank you guys :))

Monday-  We cleaned up our house, and it’s so much nicer now!  It took a good amount of our day, but after that we took a power nap and then went  to play basketball.  We played 4 on 4 at the church and that was a lot of fun! Hasibuan hurt his ankle while playing basketball.  That evening we proselyted.

See our magnet?  Domino’s pizza is everywhere!
Tuesday – Hasibuan’s ankle was pretty swollen, so he stayed home with Elder Hobbs.   Mendrofa and I went into my area  and we had 3 really good lessons.   I was able to get 2 good contacts, so that was a nice perk of the day!  We came home that evening and had Pizza.   Pretty good!

Wednesday - So something is going around .  Hasibuan is now sick with some cough and now Hobbs has it? So Elder Mendrofa and I went out again that day and taught lessons.  As we were walking home there was a totally naked lady lying on the sidewalk with a towel over her head!? Weird…

Thursday - Hasibuan is still sick so I did weekly planning on my own.  I went with Elder Hobbs to go to his area to teach while Elder Mendrofa stayed home.  While we were driving home in the angkot this dude was trying to sneak a picture of Elder Hobbs and I.    I had my shades on so he didn't know I could see him.  Then the flash goes off!! ha-ha  He was so embarrassed!

Room for one more...
Friday - Proselyting was a success!   We got a new investigator, a 15 year old guy! He’s a really good kid!  What’s funny is he talked to me first,  called me a white guy!  Then we started talking and I gave him a pamphlet! He wanted a Kitab (book)  Mormon,  but I had already given mine away that day.   I told him I’d get him one the next day.   Well, he ended up showing up at our house the next morning and asking for the book!   How the heck did he know where we live?  He said he just started asking people "where do the white guys who wear ties live?" and apparently it wasn’t hard…. so that’s kind of scary!  We have a third appointment with him on Sunday!

Saturday - This morning I had another appoint outside of Bogor and Hasibuan is still sick.  Elder Mendrofa and I went to the lesson.   It was in a Red Zone (highly populated area with Islamic extremists)  so we had to wear normal clothes and no name tags and that was pretty sketchy.  Everywhere I go everyone is always staring at you if you’re white.  That's probably what keeps me in line, there's always one witness!  Anyway,  the lesson went great!  But, while I was teaching, the guy pulls out his cell phone and just takes a picture and a video of me teaching and says nothing about it?  But we got a new investigator from it! 

Sunday  - Sunday was good ! Church was great because I am understanding  the language so much more each day! After that, we taught English class again at the Islamic Orphanage, which is always so awesome!  They live off away from the big city in a rice paddy farm house, with geese,  fish,  coconut trees,  banana trees,  guava trees.  It’s just awesome!   Then we had an evening lesson at Brother Hasian’s house,  a bit far away but not too bad.  The lesson went really well.

I’m looking forward to talking to you on Mother’s Day! Tell everyone thanks again for the emails!

 Love – Elder Jones

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