Week 75 - Sorry if this grosses you out....

Monday, June 22, 2015

Hello Everyone,
To answer a question from last week....Yes I have eaten plenty of duck eggs!  They are very popular in Indonesia.
Duck Egg Delight! Mmmmm

Monday  we moved into the Zone Leader's house and that took work!  I still have the same companion and we live with Elder Lister (who I lived with previously in Semarang) and Elder Wigdigdo.
Our study area

Man sleeping here is hard!! the A/C we have is broken and there is a masjid (Islamic call to prayer) 2 houses down that wakes us up every morning at 4am because it’s so loud !!! But I started working out again and that was nice!  Then we went to Brother Tito’s house! A really funny guy he is awesome and so is his family!!

Wednesday we went to the Roberts family. Yes a white family. The only one in Solo ha-ha! They are great and the food is always awesome! Then we had game night that night and that was pretty fun!

My machete is now sharpened!
On Thursday we went and did service at a member’s house... which consisted of me and Elder Bills going in his back yard with a machete!   He has a jungle of a backyard and our service was cutting down bamboo trees! It was way hot!

My planner
This week we've done really good stats wise! Even though the other days I haven’t mentioned it we still were teaching :) went out at 10:30 a.m. and went to a new village we haven’t been to proselyte at and we got 2 referrals! We taught an old man and he wants us to come back! It was great! I am so happy that we have a new investigator now!  After that we went and taught a member and their kids and then we had English class.   We went to pizza hut for dinner with a new investigator who teaches piano!
Dessert pizza is better than duck eggs
Saturday we taught another less active and his family and they don’t want to come to church because they are offended about something.  That’s always a dumb reason, too many people are offended so easily! So we explained why you just can’t be like that, that you come to church because you love the Lord and want to learn about this teachings. However,  it didn’t seem to make it in -_-

Sunday church was good like always!
I love you all, be safe!
Elder Jones

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  1. Happy Birthday Tyler! I enjoy looking at your pictures, I guess it reminds me of home :) I hope you have a wonderful birthday! I feel proud to see the young people in our ward who is serving, who has a desire to serve and who are now getting ready to serve. It is my hope and prayers that one day, my girls will also be serving in a mission! I have to ask you this...Did you really tried the Duck eggs? Chicken head? and the stinky fruit? if you did, I salute you! LOL I don't think I can try and don't have the guts to try it either! You are amazing! I've seen the changes in you as you serve the Lord, I see a strong young man, firm in his testimony of the gospel and love to our Savior! God Bless and good luck to you!
    Sister Haydee Bermoy