Week 74 - Life's a Beach...when you're eating chicken heads!

Monday, June 15, 2015

Hello Everyone,

Had a good week.  Monday we went to the beach again and that was pretty fun! Went in a 16 passenger van and brought a guitar and just had a fun time at the beach drinking out of coconuts!


Woke up today and everyone is tired from the beach. We taught 2 good lessons today and that was nice but far away.

We had Zone Meeting in Semarang and that was one of my old cities. We rode the bus for 4 hours to get there and that was fun but took foreeeveveerrr because we have to stand on the bus. Then ZTM was 3 hours long.  I got called on to read and Elder Arthur starts poking me in the side while I was reading and I burst out laughing. That was bad but funny.  After that we had a leadership meeting which went another hour...... then we finally left again for our 4 hour trip back.  While waiting for the bus Elder Bills and I went to the bathroom and missed the bus!  Everyone left without us. So we took the next one and we even got a seat! The others had to stand the whole way home too!
Floor of the bus!

We had 2 appointments.  We went to a member's house.  He was pretty cool he has an old motor shop.   I’ll take pics next when I go back.  He owns a lot of guns and used to work for the military as a sniper and had a grenade.  Crazy huh ?

A member gave me a guitar and I fixed it up and now we have one for the house!! It’s great!  I spent my time this morning packing to move into the Zone Leader's house.


We have been teaching this family who is less active and now they’re coming back to church which is really nice.  After a few time of teaching them we were able to have their son commit to baptism and this week he got baptized.  It was awesome!!!! I’m so happy to be here helping move forward the Lord’s work!! :)
YES, those are Kentucky fried chicken heads! Mmmm the things missionaries eat!
Love - Elder Jones



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